Thursday, September 11, 2008

Union Square outfit

You see the most interesting outfits in Union Square. Union Square (at 14th Street) is home to a great greenmarket on the weekends and is also a gathering place for all kinds of artists and people selling interesting things. People tend to gather here for protests and demonstrations too. I loved the bodice on this woman's dress. She was getting lots of attention that day.


Katie said...

How interesting! I see interesting outfits that like that every so often and it always sparks my curiosity.

• Eliane • said...

I bet she was. She also has an interesting hairstyle.

DaveM said...

I can imagine. If you enlarge it you can see that the guy in the blue polo shirt has also spotted her.

Blue Wave 707 said...

I guess its a good way to show off their fashion designs as well.

Olivier said...

en effet elle a un très beau corsage, et une coupe de cheveux réussie. Union Square semble très vivant le Weekend avec tous les marchés. C'est toute l'année ou seulement pendant les mois ou il fait bon ?

Indeed, it has a beautiful blouse and a haircut successful. Union Square seems very alive the Weekend with all markets. This is the year or only during the month or it is good?

Anonymous said...

What a handsome and lovely young woman with a fashion"corset".
I love Jeff Koons'artwork.
Have you seen his famous Puppy in front of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao?
I have heared he has some trouble
with his exhibition at "Chateau de
Versaille"in France.

Islipian said...


jay said...

My impression is that she is some young actress, out to be photographed and noticed, a too over the top outfit for one merely doing daily shopping at Union Square. Even her carry-all is matching black. Obviously her plans are working!

Lori said...

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting today.

Olivier, ce marché est la toute l'année (vendredi et samedi matin, je crois)

Anonymous - No I haven't seen the Bilbao yet, but hopefully one of these days!