Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meandering Path

Central Park is looking pretty bare now, but even in the wintertime I think it is beautiful and a wonderful place for a stroll. On the day I took this photo it was very cold and it felt like I had the Park all to myself!


Wanda said...

What a lovely peaceful path...and I love your title of Meandering...it works so well!

Professor Howdy said...

Your blog looks great tonight.
Sure hope you are doing well
and hope you come back for
a visit sometime soon. I'll
try to post something funny
for you and your many friends:O)

Dr. Howdy

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Moi said...

love the sepia look to it...beautiful pic...:)

nazzareno said...

Million arms that wait for their green garment…

Olivier said...

une belle idée de ce sepia est tres bonne. j'aime beaucoup

A good idea of what sepia is very good. I love

Blue Wave 707 said...

The sepia tone adds to the cold stark imagery.

Gudl said...

this is a lovely photograph. the lamppost fits right in with the trees. nice idea to show it in sepia.

Mandy said...

I love the gorgeous tone of this

DaveM said...

This could be a shot taken at the beggining of the 19th. C. I like it.

marley said...

Really nice photo. I love Central Park. It looks so peaceful, its nice to feel you have something so large all to youself. (just read that back and it sounds a bit rude! you know what I mean't)

The Cooking Ninja said...

This is a very beautiful photo.