Thursday, May 15, 2008

Goodbye for now

I’ve come to realize it’s time to take a break from blogging. I received this note from someone recently.

“You happen to comment on three of my favorite blogs. I wish you would take a break from commenting, you know. I really do. The shallowness in your comments is simply appalling. Are you that superficial and witless in real life? Read the comments you’ve been posting before you answer that question.”

It's a little weird that this person feels so strongly about my comments. But in any case, I don't feel so enthusiastic about blogging right now, so, I think it’s time to take a step back from it for a while. (I know I need to get a thicker skin!) I'll still stop by to see all of your beautiful photos.

Thanks for all of your visits and I wish you all the best!

Update: Thank you all for your very kind words. I really appreciate all of your sweet comments. Thank you so much! I've found that I miss blogging and the nice people in this community, so I'll be back soon. I think I'll start up again next week, I just have to get out and get some new photos first. In the meantime, thanks again for all your kind words.


Blue Wave 707 said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I appreciate your comments on my blog, and they are always welcome. It's too bad that person feels that way.

Maybe you should avoid that person's blogs, and comment on those who appreciate your kind words.

Dan Allen said...

I feel sorry for the person who said that. He or she must be truly miserable.

I understand your reasons for leaving, but I will miss your photography and I will miss your comments. You are a talented photographer, and from your comments to my blog I know that you are also a warm and caring person. The last thing you are is shallow.

It is alright to be sensitive. The older I get the more I appreciate that as a sustaining quality rather than a detriment.

I hope you will come back. You have much to contribute, and there are many who will recognize that.

Dana said...

I will miss your blog! I visited often. I love New York and in a way I could visit through your blog. It's a shame some people have to be so ugly. I would wonder what horrible thing had happened to them to make them be so unkind. Come back soon....

Wanda said...

Lori, I have always loved your comments, and look forward to seeing you in my comments. I truly love the tour you take us on in your pictures, and I'm so so sorry, that one person's misguided comments is going to take you from us.....I agree ...just don't go to that blog, and keep coming to ours. Break if you must, but come back soon.

BTW you are not alone in having some negative comments. Never as harsh as what you received.

Love and Hugs

marley said...

Lori, I can't believe that someone would write this!

I really appreiciate your comments and your blog. Along with other NYC blogs, your blog was one of the reasons I started my own Daily Photo Blog. The sad, pathetic individual who said this to you should F*** OFF!! Sorry if thats a bit strong but this has really annoyed me! Who the hell are they to say this?! I am hoping to visit NYC in the autumn and would enjoy meeting up with you. Don't let this person stop you doing something you like. They are insignificant. Your photos bring New York to life for those of us that can't be in this amazing city. I visited for the first time in March 2006 and to me it is the most amazing place I've ever been to. I hope that you continue blogging, but if you feel the need for a break I hope you can return soon. We will really miss you and your photos.

Take care and remember you are a million times better than the person that left you this nasty, bitter comment.

Love and blogger friendship to you.

marley said...

Me again! I hope you don't mind but I have dedicated my most recent post to you. I am so annoyed by this negative commenter!

Grand Life said...

I also really look forward to your comments and your blog. I too visit NY through you. I think you are delightful and always love your commentary with your great photo's. Please don't stay away too long.

DaveM said...

Hi Lori. I would just like to thank you for showing me parts of New York that I would never get to see elsewhere. I will probably never get to NY so your photos and information have been very interesting. I wouldn't be too put off by the crass comments you received as the vast majority of people who comment are very polite and genuine. Have a break away from the blog, store up some photos, and come back refreshed. I hope you keep the name of the blog too. All the very best.

Gudl said...

Lori, I was wondering what's going on when you didn't post.
I am sorry that you received this unfriendly remark.
I always thought that your comments where thoughtful and heartfeld and always positive, the way somebody is building somebody up and not tearing down.
I always loved looking at your New York City photos!
But I realize,too, that 'there is a time for everything'....
I know for myself, that once our restaurant is up and running, I will have less time for blogging and I feel already, I showed almost everything in my little forest.
But New York city!! that will never be boring.
So, do what you think you have to do, but know you will be missed and you are always welcome to come back ;-)

Hyde DP said...

How sad must the individual be to make such a scathing remark -- with so many blogs existing then if they don't like what they are hearing they should shut up - if they are complaining about shallow remarks well sometimes we only have time to make shallow remarks - gee whizz I get shallow remarks which make me wonder sometime if the remarker has actually read my post, but I'd ignore them rather than criticise - deeper remarks are always welcome of course even when they have negative elements.

Hope you'll take heart and bounce back soon.

D.C. Confidential said...

Found my way here by way of Marley's blog. I have to agree with him and everyone else here. The person who left that comment was way out of line.

Frankly, few of us leave what I would consider deep and meaningful comments on each others photo blogs. At least, in my case, I know my comments are rarely what I would consider deep and intellectual and insightful. Usually, I'm so moved by a photo, its composition, its subject, its lighting, whatever, that I'm speechless with awe, which reduces me to comments like "Wow! Gorgeous photo. I really love the textures in this one. Good job."

That said, I'm grateful for every single person who visits my blog and takes the time to leave a comment. If the individual who thinks you are shallow can't appreciate that, s/he should find other blogs to visit and stop ruining it for the rest of us. Personally, they're probably just a really bitter, sad, angry person and they're lashing out at you because you aren't.

Don't let one person keep you from doing something you enjoy. Life is too short to let buggers like that have all the fun/misery.

Two cents from a total stranger...

steven said...

Hi Lori! Just new to Daily Photo Blog, Just celebrated my first month a week ago. Dropped by Marley's Blog earlier and I have read your post here.

I was shocked that somebody has said that to you. Before I wrote this comment, I checked out your posts and they were wonderful! Spectaculer, the way best to decribe it! My advice is that it is never bad to take a break, especially to times like these But please, Don't stop doing your thing! Your inspiring shots and rants!

Just don't mind whoever said that to you and just continue posting and commenting to the blogs whenever you like! I just can't understend that person because me, whenever someone comments on my Blog. Each and every one of them, I make sure I comment back because I really want to show them how thankful I am to their comments. I think my CDP friends here knows that!

I wish you all the best and have a great break. But please do come back^^

Your newest fan,
Steven Que
Cavite Daily Photo

Murphy_jay said...

Hi Lori, I am sorry that you have received such unkind remarks.

I think your photos are great and you certainly shouldn't stop blogging about your city. It will be a loss to the DP community.

There are lotsa people waiting for you to be back. So hope you'll be back real soon :)

Take care.

Ming the Merciless said...

Yikes! I'm so sorry to hear about the abusive, idiotic comment from a fellow blogger. Some people have lack of boundaries and common sense.

If you enjoy blogging and photography, don't let him/her stop you from doing what you love.

I, for one, find you smart, articulate and generous in your comments.

Gail's Man said...

Hi Lori, I don't know if you've ever visited my blog, or left any messages, but I'm sure they were positive ones if you have. I wouldn't worry too much about what 1 person said. Perhaps they were having a bad day. You have to think of the others that have left kind words, of which I'm sure I have been one. Keep snapping NY for us. we appreciate it.

Tanya said...

What a strange comment for them to leave you! I leave little "shallow" comments all the time when I am visiting blogs. Just a little note to let the blogger know I was there. I can't think up deep material for every blog, lol.
You keep on bringing sunshine into peoples lives. I know they appreciate your comments!

Mandy said...

I have just prepared our latest haiga utilising your photographic work - see bleeding

It wasn't until I checked my link to you that I read your latest post. It somehow makes our haiga even more apt and poignant.

The saddo who has caused distress needs to look more deeply inside.

kinboston said...

Your pictures and your comments are beautiful and thoughtful, and have brought a great deal of pleasure to those of us who have enjoyed them every day. Whoever made that awful, hurtful comment is obviously an insecure, jealous, bitter, and hateful person. I know you are hurt but unfortunately there are people like that out there everywhere. Because they have miserable lives, they want to make everyone else miserable too, and they try hard. Please don't let that miserable excuse for a human being affect you for too long. Take a break and please come back!! You have many fans!

Anonymous said...

It's astonishing that someone would take the time to make a comment like that, purely with the intent to be hurtful, to someone whose obvious intent is to give pleasure to others.

Take a little break but please get back into it.


GMG said...

Hi Lori! I was coming here for the weekly visit and see what I get: an idiotic comment while trying to be profound in the world of Daily Photo made you give up… I understand that you take a break from blogging, but I would suggest that you don’t do that on the grounds of such a note! Of course, most of the times we do not express great ideas in the comments; and that’s not even the point. The purpose of most comments is just to send a kind message to the author of the post and that was what you were doing! Kim just posted on the Kind Blogger rules and you perfectly fit on that!
I thank you for your comments on Blogtrotter and will miss them as well as your pictures of NYC!
See you back, one day!

Kris McCracken said...

Lori, whoever sent this message is obviously a very sad and pathetic individual. Who knows what prompts them to spout such bile and rubbish? What we can say is that it is their problem and their issue, nothing that you have said or done from what I can see warrants this sort of comment.

It is your call of course, but all that I would say is ignore them and do not let it worry you. If that is their level, they really aren’t worth getting upset over, because they are the one that needs to have a good hard look at themselves.

• Eliane • said...

What the freak?!? (excuse my French)

I know it's easy to say because I would not appreciate this kind of comment myself, but try not to take that personally. This comes from someone who has NEVER met you!!! For having met you, I know that you are such a nice, sweet soul and a great person to be around.

Besides, commenting is not easy: I don't even want to know what people can deduct from the silly comments I leave. ;) If you ask me, I find your comments totally top notch!

You know, there are some crazy folks in the blogoshpere. I never mentioned this but when I was in Europe back in February, I had a few weeks when I really did not have a minute to post any update. I started receiving emails from CDPBers asking if I was still alive. Turns out that since my last post was a picture of a plane (to advise I was traveling), someone wrote on a more frequented blog that I had perished in a plane crash! Freaky!!!

So this is to say that there are crazy-mean-stupid-abusive-frustrated-ridiculous-fill -in-the-blanks people out there. Probably someone jealous of your success. Don't let that crackpot spoil your blogging fun.

Come back soon, chica!!

JD said...

That's a really horrible thing for someone to say.
I'm sorry that someone said that to you.

John said...

This was the first entry of yours that I read. Eliane provided a link from her Flickr site. I was so angry over what was written to you before I'd read anything else you'd written. I went on to read some of your entries and it just made me angrier that someone would deliberately be so cruel to anyone but especially to someone whose writing is witty, interesting and generous of spirit. You are not being thin-skinned. A rhino doesn't have a hide thick enough for that.

Can you imagine EVER writing something like that? I can't. There is clearly more going on in this persons life than your comments.

Please don't stop - I feel cheated that I found your blog 2 days after you swore to stop writing it ):

lv2scpbk said...

Lori, I am so sad to see you are giving up blogging, especially because of some a$$. I always like to receive your comments and sometimes I leave lame comments, just because I don't have much else to say at the moment. Sometimes we're all just really busy and feel like we need to visit others and leave short messages. I hope you change your mind or come back soon. Don't leave because of one person ruining your day. Remember all these good comments. They always say, we forget all the good comments, but remember the one bad one.

Jilly said...

Lori, I'm appalled to think that someone left such an unjustified comment on your blog. If it was a member of the CDP photo family - and I hope it wasn't - then you should report it on the forum.

Hope you come back soon. Don't get down about this - fight back by publishing more lovely photos.

Ted and Lori said...

I have never seen your blog but found you through a NYC daily photo blog I look at. I must join the chorus of people who've left you supportive comments. Mean people do suck. Forget that idiot. Keep going with your blog. I'm actually going to check to make sure you do!

Olivier said...

Je propose un vote général pour que tu continue. (et quand je vois tous les commentaires sur ton blog aujourd'hui)
J'espère que c'est une courte pause car toi et ton NYC vont me manquer tout les jours. C'est pas une remarque (à la con) qui doit te faire prendre cette décision. Alors un petit repos et hop tu nous reviens rapidement.
J'espère que tu seras a NYC en décembre et que l'on pourra passer une soirée ensemble avec mes amis. A très bientôt.

Ta photo de miss liberty est superbe.

Olivier et Amedée.

I propose a general vote for you continues. (and when I see all comments on your blog today)
I hope that this is a short break because you and your NYC will miss me every day. It's not a remark (the con) that you must make this decision. Then a little rest and we hop you come back quickly.
I hope you will be a NYC in December and that we can spend an evening together with my friends. A very soon.

Your photo miss liberty is superb.

Amedée and Oliver

Monika N. said...

I confess that I've been lurking/reading ever since I found your blog by way of Ming/Eliane (I've been a NYaddict since I visited in 2006). Your pictures and captions have always been a joy to me. A daily little visit to NY. Not being a blogger, I'm always a little shy to just jump in and comment on a blog (and I'm not really good with words, to be honest).

Break with the sorry person who reeks of bitterness as s/he is not worth your time.

I further confess that I would dearly miss you!

Jules said...

Lori - I've come over out of curiosity from eliane blog.

I am so sorry this has happened. But if you look at all these wonderful supportive comments from people who obviously really appreciate and like you and your comments I would ignore the idiot. I too got a nasty comment and it really did hurt but i couldn't let the mongrel win. I answered him and then kept going and he slunk off under the rock he came from.

Hope you can put this behind you and keep going!! All the best.

nazzareno said...

Don't allow the stupidity of the others to influence your life.
Your photos and your comments will miss me ...
Ciao Lori, a presto!

Creative said...

Lori, thanks for all you done for us. Hope to see you soon with your
great photo and comments. About that person: when the dog is barking - we're pass by. Don't let
them quit what making people happy.

Olivier said...

regarde tous ces post pour que tu restes, alors..........

Greg C said...

I like the fact that you do visit my blog and even a little comment is appreciated. I agree with Dan. People that make comments like that have reall problems in their own life. I will miss your lovely pictures and your sweet comments. You have inspired me to take more photo's myself. Thanks.

Katherine Aucoin said...

I was so disappointed to read your last post. I enjoy visiting NYC through your blog and feel the way you capture your city is tremendous. During your absence you will be missed by all of your fans. I don't comment everyday but I look forward to viewing your blog and my brother's blog every morning; like a child opening a present. I appreciate your visits to my blog and all of your kind comments...they made my day and my blog worth doing. Take care and God bless!

Moi said...

there's no dearth of people spewing out venom for no rhyme or reason.........I visit your blog coz I love all that you have to show us through your images and words. And I appreciate every single comment from you.............I hope you'll come back to blogging world, Lori.

Take care ! Hugs!

Olivier said...

On peut savoir quel blog t'a mis ce commentaire chez miss lori, j'irais bien lui dire un petit bonjour ;o(

annulla said...

What a wretched person! I'm so sorry that miserable loser directed his venom in your direction.

Please don't take it to heart; you are a valued neighbor and a much welcome commenter.

Even if you decide not to post again (I hope you do!), you must not let that idiot keep you from writing and taking photos. Many of us appreciate your thoughts and your talent.

Blather From Brooklyn

nazzareno said...

every day I pass on this road ...

meredic said...

Hmm I hope you arent going to let a turkey like that put you off long term Lori. For my part your blog has opened my eyes to the beauty and unexpected corners of a city I really oinly knew from the movie cliche shots.
I find your pictures from New York insightful and inspiring, even to the extent that if I am ever lucky enough to visit I will be checking some of the things you have shown me in real life.
I wave my bottom at anyone who is rude about your comments!

Wanda said...

Hi Lori ~~ just stopping by again to say I miss you big time.
Love and Hugs

Keropok Man said...

oh Lori...

it's not worth your time getting angry over a few words. some people are just like that.

come back soon ya.


Wow. I just began the adventure de blogging and I WISH somebody would (this is a black-folk-way-of-saying-try-me-and-see) comment on my comments! What? People are crazy! You know people are crazy when a 12-year-old says, "Aren't you worried about the crazy people" upon being told that I'm launching a website.
Anyway, I hope this little message brightens your days and beckons you back to the blogosphere!

D.C. Confidential said...

Yeah! Good for you. I love it when those who have been ill-treated stand up and don't let the mean and petty people win. Looking forward to seeing new pictures next week.

Grand Life said...

I keep visiting your blog hopping you had changed your mind and tonight, yes- you have changed your mind. We'll be looking forward to seeing you again.
Have a great week taking photo's.

Olivier said...

Voila une bonne nouvelle, bientôt ton retour...content tu nous manquais.
This is good news, soon your back ... you content we missed

Connie Pombo said...

I'm so sorry you had to receive such a horrible comment (wow...that really blew my socks off). I think she owes you an apology (oh my!).


the_plainsman said...

Lori, I do not know if you receive these late comments, but I think this photo of Miss Liberty is magnificent! I appreciate the way you have juxtaposed her with the container cranes off in the distance. A striking, well composed view; then one looks more closely at the cranes, calling one back to a tableau from Orson Well's 'War of the Worlds.'

As for the unpleasntness noted under the photograph, I see your many friends here already had your back, so simply count me as a one more, although a bit belated.

During my time away, I have missed both your visual and verbal musings and my reintroduction today reinforces my original thoughts: your photos, words, and yes, you, are part of what makes this city such a special place.