Friday, June 1, 2007

Flower Covered Museum

A few weeks ago, I passed by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and it was covered in flowers. I'm not sure why, perhaps for their National Design Trienial. I thought it was very colorful so I'm showing some photos here. They have some interesting exhibits here, if you ever want to visit.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Olivier said...

waouh. C'est magnifique, j'adore ça. Belle imagination et bravo. Je te souhaite un bon weekend

waouh. It is splendid, I adore that. Beautiful imagination and cheer. I wish you a good weekend

GE said...

Your blog has been included in our new guide.
Please keep us informed of any changes to it.

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Nazzareno said...

It thinks of how many people that day were sad or angry and watching that show heard a little better ... Uno splendido fine settimana!

Gudl said...

The house in a friendly spring look! Very nice.
Thanks for sharing. You have a nice weekend, too!

Gardener Greg said...

I love those flowers. I wonder who made them all.

Keropok Man said...

They just look lovely right?

It makes one stop and want to go in and find out what's inside :-)

Olivier said...

Je voulais savoir, ils font cela chaque année ? où c'est pour une raison specifique ?

I wanted to know, they do that each year? where is it for a specific reason?

Bergson said...

Astonishing and pleasant

this is done on which occasion

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Oh wow! What a spectacular photo!! I have been to the Hewitt-Cooper Museum a few times and I love the little cafe nook where you can sit in the round room looking into the garden.

a-xpressions said...

woww...wonderful creation!!
you always come up with interesting snaps...thanks for sharing with us Lori!!

Lori said...

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting!

Olivier et Bergson, je ne sais pas pourquoi il y avais des fleurs comme ça sur les murs. J'ai cherché sur leur site internet mais j'ai trouvé rien. Peut-être j'irai au musée et demander pourquoi.

Greg, I don't know who made the flowers. (Or why they were there.) I tried to find some information on their website but I turned up nothing. I'll have to go to the museum and ask them I guess!

Keropok man, yes they just look nice. No flower fragrance! :)

GE, thanks for including my blog on that listing, that's great!

Ming, I agree with you about that café. It's a lovely spot.

Hello everyone else and thanks for your nice comments today. Have a great weekend and take lots of pictures!

lv2scpbk said...

That is very colorful. Are they just hanging down from the building?

a-xpressions said...

Hi Lori..if it is okay with you I would likr to add you in my blog buddies...!!

Moi said...

wow!!! that's a nice way to let the world know of how much we love spring ....:)
wish u great weekend too!!! :)

Wanda said...

Now that's dressing up a building!!
Very interesting and colorful!
You got some good shots of it.

Lori said...

Hi Barb, yes they were just suspended from the front of the museum. I must go by and see if they are still there.

A-xpressions, sure you can add me to your list. That would be great!

Hi Wanda and moi too, thanks for stopping by.

Dina said...

that looks great. my first thought was it's a computer generated picture like photo shop or something.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...


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Martel said...

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Mandy said...

beautiful flowers.

Thanks for sending me your pictures; I've published a new haiga using one of them at Summer Haiku 2007

Nabeel said...

oh this is soo cool .. what a great idea for actual advertisement of the museum and plus it adds to the beauty of the building and creativity :)

karoline said...

what lovely photos and how lucky you are to live in such an exciting place...

keep on


My World said...

Hello Lori, this my first visit,
I like the flowers on the building,
maybe more cities should provide
such color and beauty...

Thank you,

My World.... :)

Lori said...

Hi to all the newest visitors and thanks for stopping by. I'll have to visit all of your blogs this week. :)

Mike said...

Hi Lori,

I came by way of Geraldo's blog. You have a great blog and some great pictures. I particularly like fleet week and your shot of the Wasp.

Take care.

Rosy said...

That is very colorful indeed, I bet the people who had created those flowers had fun.