Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carousel Horse

Last week Barb from Bellefonte mentioned that she liked carousel horses and I remembered I had this picture of the carousel in Bryant Park. This is a description from the Bryant Park website:

"Le Carrousel in Bryant Park, specially created to complement the park’s French classical style, is an homage to both European and American traditions. Its fourteen delightful animals, replicas of classic carousel creatures, revolve to the sounds of French cabaret music. The rounding boards, inspired by Bryant Park’s elegant baroque-style torchères along 40th Street, blend into the leafy canopy of the park’s plane trees.
Fabricon Carousel Company, whose artists designed and created Le Carrousel, was based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and has hundreds of other installations as far away as China and as close as Riverbank State Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan."

I've never seen it working actually, but it would be fun to take a ride!


Olivier said...

ce carousel est magnifique (j'ai pris des photos d'amedee a côté de ce carousel) et puis, et puis, et puis, il y a le bryant park.................je fonds, vivement le mois d'octobre......Merci Lori, à chaque fois que je vois un petit peu du Bryant Park, je suis au ange.

this carousel is splendid (I took photographs of amedee concurrently to this carousel) and then, and then, and then, there is bryant park ................. I melt, highly October ......Thank you Lori, with each time I see a little bit of Bryant Park, I am with the angel.

Nazzareno said...

The carousel has an undying glamour and this is splendid! The excuse good to do a turn is to accompany a child ...guaranteed!

John Roberts said...

There is a restored carousel similar to this one in City Park in New Orleans. The restoration of the horses and other animals is truly a work of art, but I wonder if today's kids still find it exciting to ride.

Gudl said...

Very nice carusel!Yes, very much like the ones in Germany. I have a nice photo of a German Carusel that I took in Dec. (and my daughter was riding on it) I think I will email it to you just for the heck of it. :-)
Have a nice day!

lv2scpbk said...

Lori, Love your photo. As you know I collect carousel horses. I don't have a big one like these but would like too. They price anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or more. It depends on how much they need restored. I'm sure the one's off a carousel ride could go up to $10,000 or more. The one's I collect are not priced near any of that. Mine stand only about 6" tall to 14" tall.

Anyway, thanks for posting. Is that one horse signed right on Granny's Folly or is it on the photo?

Lori said...

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by today!

John, I hope the kids of today enjoy the carousels. At least the little ones do I think!

Barb, I had no idea they were so expensive! I guess that one horse must be named "Granny's Folly." (That was painted on the horse.) I think each one had a name painted on its side.

Have a nice day everyone.

Gardener Greg said...

If you are ever in Columbia SC you need to visit the Carousel mall. They have a old working carousel there and It is fun to ride. I love going there. Thanks for the photo's


JAM said...

Beautiful. I've seen some really old carousels over the years, and the carved horses are amazing. They always are careful to watch for kids and adults who are wet from being on other rides or sweaty, because the moisture will affect the old wood.

A mechanical engineer I used to work with, a nice but cynical, tough talker, won our company's annual employee art show by entering a hand made child's size carousel horse on a post. It was absolutely astounding, and won the popular vote hands down. Many hours of work. Everyone looked a Vick quite differently after that. This crotchety older guy shows up with a child's fantasy horse.

Anyway, love the pic and the carousel itself.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I posted a photo of the same carousel in March (during Fashion Week). It's such a lovely place, isn't it?

Awesome photo, by the way.

Wanda said...

Oh you never get to old to love a ride on a Carousel!!!! They have one at Santa Cruz Boardwalk.