Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Naked art

Okay, some of the "art" that was at the Armory Show that I saw last weekend was somewhat amusing. This display was in one of the cafes and these guys seemed somewhat amused by it. I know I had a good chuckle at it. (Sorry if I am offending the artist!) Maybe I'm not sophisticated enough to truly appreciate it!


Blue Wave 707 said...

Art, huh? Looks like a bunch of naked dolls stewn across a table to me. Great shot in capturing the guys in the background laughing at it.

Olivier said...

l'Armory Show a toujours défrayé les critiques par son audace. c'est surprenant. belle composition avec ta photo
Armory Show was always the main topic of criticisms by its boldness. it is amazing. nice composition with your photograph

the_plainsman said...

Agree with B.W. above, YOUR art was capturing the candid reaction of the two "patrons of the arts!"

And I can hear the art establishment whine (verification word of the day!) that we are overlooking the artistic merits of the scuplture or installation.


Martha said...

I don't know quite what to say about this one. I find it rather morbid actually. But the expressions on the guys faces is amusing.

Wanda said...

The redeeming factor of this art is the faces of the spectators!!!

I'll stick to watercolors ((smile))