Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brooklyn Church

Sometimes I come across buildings in New York that somehow look like they could belong somewhere else. I liked the architecture of this catholic church in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it. It was closed that day, so no pictures from the inside.


Olivier said...

elle est magnifique cette église. Quand on se promène dans Brooklyn, on trouve plein de belles (et différentes) églises (il y a (mais je me rappelle plus où, une très belle église orthodoxe)
it is splendid this church. When they go for a walk in Brooklyn, they find churches full of nice (and different) (there is (but I who reminds more where, one very nice orthodox church)

the_plainsman said...

Church of the Anunciation, in Williamsburg - (North Side) on North 5th Street between Havemeyer & Metropolitan Ave.

Although my father grew up in that neighborhood, his family went to another church, St. Vincent DePaul. The North Side has seen tremendous change and growth over the past decade. Can't say I recognized the church though, as upon his marriage to a Jersey girl, my dad settled there! The N. 5th street sign provided a clue - A bit of extra fun trying to ID some of your locations! Jay W.

Ps. In my random search for the ID, I also found an interesting blog about my late dad's old neighborhood - so Thanks, Lori, for the thread!

Blue Wave 707 said...

Great photo!

Somehow, that building looks like it would be in Pennsylvania (or that region). The folks in Brooklyn were blessed with a great looking church building.

marley said...

We both had the same thought today. Nice looking building :)

John Roberts said...

They don't build 'em like that anymore!