Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carriage Horses

Carriage rides are still a popular thing for tourists to do in Central Park. These horses were waiting for customers outside the Tavern on the Green Restaurant. I read that most of the horses come from the Amish country in Pennsylvania. (I have a feeling they'd rather still be there.) I've never taken a carriage ride, but I think I'd wait until the weather is warmer to try it.


Olivier said...

la promenade si romantique dans "central-park". je préfère faire la balade à pied.
so romantic promenade in "central-park". I prefer making walk on foot.

the_plainsman said...

Many animal welfare advocates want to end the horse-powered carriages and replace them with electric antique open top cars used in another Queen's park. Not quite sure if it would be the same, and the horses would be added to the list of the unemployed, too. LOL! (Actually, I'm sure they would breed less for this sometimes dangerous work.)

Blue Wave 707 said...

Looks like the winter thing to do in a snow-laden Central Park, or a clear summer evening.

Martha said...

I would love to take a carriage ride on a warm summer evening! Is it very expensive?

As far as the animal welfare advocates, I'll bet the horses rather enjoy the work. I know I'm much happier when I"m needed and have a job to do.