Thursday, December 18, 2008


This shot gives a gloomy, wintry look at the reservoir in Central Park and a soggy running path. A lot of people enjoy running on the path around the reservoir, though I've never tried it. It does give for a beautiful view, even in winter. Since I'm digging up old photos, I'm not sure if I've posted this one before. Sorry if I have!


Jay W said...

A nice symphony of detail: the multitude of thin branches and twigs, the slim vertical iron bars of the fence, the wind driven texture of the water. Combined with the sharp glint of sun and cloud cover beyond, nothing looks comforting here. You successfully captured the look of cold.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Love the contrasts of the starkness of the trees and the buildings, plus the sun on the water ... cool shot!

Wanda said...

I really like the skyline on the horizon.... nice shot, and I don't remember seeing it before.

Merry Christmas filled with love, hugs and joy!


Moi said...

love the sparkles.....:)