Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grace Court Alley

One of the most beautiful places to go for a stroll in Brooklyn is the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights with its lovely brownstones and quiet streets. It's also nice to see the old carriage houses like these in Grace Court Alley. Here's a description from

Both Grace Court Alley and its Henry Street partner, Hunts Lane were originally true mews, in that they were little lanes off the main streets where horses were stabled. After the horseless carriage gained popularity in the first years of the 20th Century, the stables were converted to residences. The legacy is these little blind alleys that attract strolling tourists and residents alike.

It would be nice to live in one of these!


Jay W said...

A nice human-scale neighborhood. For an out of towner, one of them would make an ideal second home, too!

DaveM said...

Something I would never have thought existed in NY. I always think of the city as being "modern", you have changed my perception. Thanks.

Olivier said...

cet endroit est superbe et je suis fan du site internet "Forgotten New York" qui est une vraie mine d'or sur le vieux NYC.
this place is superb and I am fan of the Internet site " Forgotten New York " which is a true gold mine on the old NYC.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Those houses are quite a find! Cool shot! You've shown us parts of NYC that most tourist books would not show.

John Roberts said...

This is sooo different from how I picture Brooklyn in my mind. You should work for whoever promotes tourism in NYC because your photos create more interest to see the REAL New York!

Anonymous said...

Very nice scenery.