Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Sweet it is

I saw the phrase "How Sweet it is" on a welcome to Brooklyn sign and couldn't remember who used to say it. Well I googled it and it turns out that it was Brooklyn entertainer Jackie Gleason who was well known for saying that. According to the website http://www.brooklyn-usa.org/ this is one example of the "Welcome to Brooklyn" signs unveiled by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz which welcome motorists with a variety of greetings that were chosen after soliciting suggestions from Brooklynites from across the Borough. The signs were placed at 11 major entry points across the borough.


Olivier said...

c'est une belle phare de bienvenue et cela change. beau coup d'œil.
it is a nice key of welcome and it changes. nice glance.

Wayne said...

Jackie Gleason said that on his variety show regularly. I think he said it after the opening applause.

But he was famous for being a drinker. Whether he really was or not I remember him saying that after he'd take a drink in a skit too.

He did his show live sort of like the Ed Sullivan Show, in a theatre setting. I'm going strictly from distant memory I could have it muddled.

Anyone interested in seeing him at his best in a dramatic role should see him as Minnesota Fats in The Hustler.

Sorry Lori, I got carried away.

jay w said...

Don't really know what a Borough President does, but M.M. is a tireless and effective promoter for Brooklyn. Agree with Wayne about Gleason's role in The Hustler.

DaveM said...

I think its good that people are proud of the area where they live.

Blue Wave 707 said...

I remember Jackie Gleason saying that on his TV show, when I'd watch reruns on cable way back when.

My favorite Gleason characters were Ralph Cramden and the sheriff in "Smokey & The Bandit"