Monday, July 14, 2008

Battery Maritime Terminal

I took a trip this past weekend to Governor's Island (photos to come!) which was really interesting, and the trip started out from the ferry at the Battery Maritime Terminal. The terminal had been in disrepair and not used for many years, but with a recent renovation it is now the terminal for the Governor's Island Ferry. Here is what I read about it on
"The Battery Maritime Building was completed in 1909 when ferries were still a vital means of transportation in New York City. It is the last surviving East River ferry building from an era when 17 ferry lines traveled between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Commuters waited for the ferry to 39th Street in south Brooklyn, in a lobby lined with cast-iron columns and stained glass windows." More photos to follow of the adventure soon!


Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice photo! Looks like PANY did a great job with the renovation.

Greg C said...

What a great part of our history. Too bad many buildings like that have been replaced with modern ones. Great photo.

marley said...

Its a shame there aren't more buildings like this one that survived. I'm glad its been renovated, it looks like they did a good job.

Wanda said...

Oh Lori, I love your little trips back into history for us.

This would be a place I would love to visit. Thanks for taking me there.


DaveM said...

You mean you didn't go for a run??

• Eliane • said...

I am catching up on your adventures (had some technical probl.with Blogger which made me snobbed the blogosphere all together).

That terminal is beautiful. I have yet to visit Governors Island. Do you know if you can bring your own bike on the ferry?