Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is a photo I took on a floating artistic/living space called the Waterpod, which has been visiting various sites in New York this summer. It's hard for me to describe what it is, so here is a description from their website, http://www.thewaterpod.org/. Waterpod™ is a floating sculptural living structure designed as a new habitat for the global warming epoch. It is currently scheduled to launch in New York in June, 2009, navigate down the East River, explore the waters of New York Harbor, and stopping at each of the five boroughs it will dock at several Manhattan piers on the Hudson River."


Wanda said...

Lori ~~ You always have such interesting pictures. What a great place to live and take pictures.

Hope you had a good weekend. Think of you often.


Olivier said...

surprenant, j'aime bien, c'est un concept original.
being surprising, I like well, it is an original concept.

Babzy said...

Interesting idea and good shot !

the_plainsman said...

A neat idea, though the many who live on watercraft or barges at the 79th St. boat basin in Manhattan or across the water in the old Morris Canal basin have enjoyed living the concept for decades! But I suppose this employs green ideas as well & would like to see it.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Interesting ... looks like a geodesic dome... are those old billboard scraps?

GMG said...

Hi Lori!
Interesting place!

Blogtrotter is leaving Iceland, but before departing it shows you the incredible Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!