Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I read somewhere that they've been replacing many of the old newsstands in the city with more modern looking kiosks. I think this is one of the old fashioned ones. With people reading newspapers less these days I hope they don't completely disappear.


• Eliane • said...

Is it near Columbus Circle? I think I recognize the building behind it.
I love those little newsstand, especially when you can see the salesperson in the middle of it all, just a little head surrounded by newspapers.

the_plainsman said...

I really like this creative, imaginative shot with the newsstand framed by the subway entrance.

I think there is perhaps a parallel between the decline of general newspaper readership and an increasingly less informed public? But that is another debate for another place and time!

A Very Good photo!

Babzy said...

I like the angle you choose to shot this photo ! On the building behind the newsstand what are these black things on the wall ?

Olivier said...

j'espère qu'ils garderont les vieux kiosques, j'aime ce design et ils font partis de la vie de NYC.
I hope that they will keep the old newsstands, I like this design and they make left the life of NYC.

Blue Wave 707 said...

i think these newstands are unique to the Big Apple. Nice shot & framing!

marley said...

I like thes eold style ones, something familiar about them. I guess people will still buy magazines and they sell lots of candy and drinks too, so lets hope they are around for along time to come.