Thursday, August 20, 2009

Governor's Island House

I've been running low on photos so I was glad that someone reminded me I had photos from last summer from Governor's Island (thanks Jay!) Governor's Island is a former Coast Guard base in New York Harbor long accessible only by Coast Guard personnel and their families, and before that it was occupied by the U.S. Army. The Coast Guard left the Island in 1996 and in the last few years it has been open to the public on summer weekends.

This photo is from a section of the island called Nolan Park where the officers and their families were housed. There are 15 beautiful clapboard victorian houses in Nolan Park that have recently been restored and are all in the National Historic Register. They were built between 1857 and 1907. Some of them are open to the public and they are beautiful inside. I'd recommend a visit if you can!


Olivier said...

belle maison, j'ai jamais mis les pieds sur "Governor's Island". On la voit quand on va sur Staten Island, il y a de belles propriétés
nice home, I have never trodden underfoot "Governor' s Island". They see it when they go on Staten Island, there is nice ownership

Babzy said...

Beautiful house !!

Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice shot! Looks like a nice house!

the_plainsman said...

It must have been a somewhat idyllic life for those posted there, living in a museum home that was seemingly plucked from a small town a hundred years and a hundred miles away, but in reality only a few minutes away from Downtown Manhattan.

Glad my words sparked your memory! I must get there soon! Jay W.