Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arthur Avenue

This is a shot from the Arthur Avenue market in the Bronx. Arthur Avenue is known as the "Little Italy" of the Bronx with lots of cafes, restaurants and delis and nice places to buy bread and cheeses. It's located on Arthur Avenue around 187th Street in the Bronx.


RinBlft said...


Olivier said...

L'italie dans le Bronx, j'adore ce marché (et le marchand de cigare ;) )
un bel endroit dans NYC, mais pas facile d'acces

Blue Wave 707 said...


Oh that looks so yummy! It's too bad that the one true NY deli we had here closed several years ago ... there's a new one now, but not the same as the first.

Babzy said...

A good place for to buy Italien food ;)

The Plainsman said...

The REAL "Little Italy" of NYC!
So what did you sample, lol?