Thursday, October 29, 2009

Riverside Church

This is the altar at Riverside Church, a beautiful church in Morningside Heights in Manhattan. It's a very large church with an active congregation and many programs. I've never been to a service there but I'd like to some day.


the_plainsman said...
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the_plainsman said...

Lets try again without posting all my typos
Distinctive Verticality - interesting how the design of many sculpted figures is reflected in the carved wood pews, too.

Thirty miles away and have not been there...yet!

RinBlft said...

Amazing carved detail when you blow up the picture....intricate to the Nth degree. Beautiful picture - but the color of the altar does not appear to enhance the overall composition. Perhaps it is just me.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Look at all that intricate artwork on the wall! Wow! Cool shot Lori!

Babzy said...

Beautiful scuptures !

Anonymous said...