Friday, May 15, 2009


The George Washington Bridge, one of the largest suspension bridges in the country, links Manhattan with Fort Lee, NJ and goes over the Hudson River. I believe it has 14 lanes in all, with an upper and lower level and seems to always be filled with traffic. At night when it is illuminated, it is quite pretty. This photo was taken from the Manhattan side in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. Hopefully I'll find some more photos this weekend. Have a good one!


the_plainsman said...

A great perspective that is not usually seen in photographs, gives one a sense of the imposing structure's size, how it appears from the driver's perspective, especially one in a convertible!
Have a happy weekend!
Jay W.

DaveM said...

14 lanes impressive, what a weight to carry though.

Olivier said...

belle perspective et photo de se pont. c'est le chemin pour partir en Weekend dans le NJ ?

beautiful view and photo of the bridge. this is the way to go on a Weekend in NJ?

Babzy said...

Beautiful bridge , have a good week end !

Blue Wave 707 said...

Cool shot!

That's one big bridge! I was watching a special about the US Airways ditch in the Hudson, and the captain spoke about doing all he could to avoid hitting the bridge.