Friday, March 2, 2007

A book lover: At the Strand Bookstore


griesmail said...

I think you make great pictures.
I am am new in Bloggingland, just looking around en seeing a lot of beautifull things

Olivier said...

J'aime beaucoup les librairies, meme si je lis tres mal l'anglais, je ne peux m'empecher d'y aller et de m'acheter des livres. Elle se trouve où cette librairie ?
Dans une librairie, pres du bryant park, j'ai achete pour ma petite niece "this is new york" de Sasek,elle a adorée.

I like much the bookshops, same if I read English very badly, I cannot prevent myself there going and from buying books to me. It is where this bookshop? In a bookshop, beside bryant park, I have buy for my small niece “this is New York” of Sasek, it adored.

Lori said...

Hi griesmail,
Thanks very much! The pictures on your blog are beautiful. I espcially like "alone in the forest." You have a really nice blog!

Lori said...

Hi Olivier,

Le Strand se trouve à Broadway et 12th Street. C’est mon favori librairie de New York avec milliers de livres au bon prix. Voici le site:

Je ne connais pas ce livre de Sasek, mais je vais le chercher pour ma filleule, parce qu’elle adore New York. :-)

The Strand is at 12th Street and Broadway. It’s my favorite book store and has great prices. I love to browse there. Here is their website

I don’t know that book by Sasek, but I’ll have to look for it for my goddaughter who loves New York.

Pierre said...

mmm I love the Strand. I visit them every time I go to NYC. Always good bargains to make, and I love to collect books about... New york :)